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Innovative Technology Solutions 

Creating Safety and Security

The Best Way
to Predict The Future

Is To Create it

Great ideas are in abundance, and often personal. More often than not, what is lacking is the willingness to take the plunge and try something new.

Our goal is to provide communities, businesses, and non-profits with access to advanced technologies and cyber security measures.


In wildland firefighting, a "Backing Fire" is one which burns against the wind or upslope, defying typical fire behavior. Just as firefighters may intentionally set a backing fire to remove fuel from an advancing wildfire, we weaponize unorthodox sources and methods to protect what matters most to you.

Expertise in Mission Critical Systems

Offering our extensive experience working with and securing business-critical, public sector, and military networks.


Receive technical expertise, innovative solutions, and modern ideas from the leading experts.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Stay two steps ahead of the competition and industry challenges. We'll analyze the data to assist decision makers.

Outside-the-Box Thinking

We aren't always fans of "the way it's always been done". Let's create new ways of doing business.

First Responders

Revolutionizing Emergency Response and Communications

We understand the inherent challenges with working to "fail fast" in a public sector environment. More importantly, we know how to adapt and overcome those challenges.

First responders need the most capable tools dreamed by visionaries and delivered by experts. Anything less is just more of the same, which does nothing to help those working in some of the most stressful roles on the planet.

Cybersecurity can be difficult to keep up with.

Leave it to us.

In striving to secure the world, we allow you to focus on yours.

The cyber landscape is vast and complex. Staying ahead of criminal threats is challenging, and that's where we come in.

We believe it is a right to conduct business, inspire change, and innovate through technology. 

Sometimes to do so, we must fight fire with fire.

Our Partners

Unleashing the power of collaboration 
Million Consulting Services provides industry-leading technology solutions, innovative leadership, and collaborative consultations. Million's team of experts have over 24 years of experience in public safety, and have successfully implemented transformative projects for numerous organizations. With a deep understanding of the evolving landscape and challenges faced by the public safety sector, Million Consulting Services is committed to delivering tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and overall safety.

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