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Data Technology

AI Call Answering + Managed Virtual Call Center

Our virtual call center enhances 9-1-1 operations and improves responsiveness to emergency situations.

Empowering Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, our AI Call Answering + Managed Virtual Call Center is setting new standards in public safety. By harnessing real-time analytics and multi-channel communication capabilities, we offer a comprehensive solution that not only improves 9-1-1 service levels but also optimizes emergency response efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

Trained AI and the interactive voice response system efficiently route callers to services and provides answers to common questions. We continuously analyze, improve, and report on the AI capabilities. 

Real-Time Analytics

Analytics help 9-1-1 centers measure their performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Multi-Channel Communication

Supports voice calls, text messages, chat, and other communication channels, enabling 9-1-1 centers to communicate with the public through the channel of their choice.

Intelligence & Automation
Revolutionizing Public Safety

Create a Data-Driven
Customer Experience

Combine data streams to automatically analyze situations and dynamically process calls for service.


Increase Morale
& Job Satisfaction

Reduce work effort and burnout, allowing staff to take pride in their role in the emergency services system.

Improve 9-1-1
Service Levels

Fewer non-emergency calls routed to the ECC allows the telecommunicators to focus on what matters.



call reduction


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Partnering with the Industry's Best

Million Consulting Services provides industry-leading technology solutions, innovative leadership, and collaborative consultations. Million's team of experts have over 24 years of experience in public safety, and have successfully implemented transformative projects for numerous organizations. With a deep understanding of the evolving landscape and challenges faced by the public safety sector, Million Consulting Services is committed to delivering tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and overall safety.


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