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Non-Emergency Reimagined 

Introducing Spark™, a cutting-edge platform designed to bridge the gap between citizens, responders, and emergency communications centers for non-emergency situations. Spark revolutionizes how requests for assistance are made and processed all while allowing 9-1-1 dispatchers to focus on emergency calls for service.

What is Spark™
CAD Online Reporting?

Spark is a cloud-based platform that empowers both citizens and responders to submit calls for service into the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. Spark transforms traditional public safety reporting workflows by allowing would-be callers to request assistance from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, creating a better experience for both the citizen and dispatcher.

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See Spark in Action

Spark's AI engine analyzes the submission and dynamically prompts for additional information when needed. 


Create Calls Directly in CAD

Requests submitted through Spark create a CAD call without any dispatcher intervention. 

CAD Integration currently available for CentralSquare Enterprise via customer API license.

Available in 
All Languages

Citizens and respondents can view and enter requests in their native language. The submission is then translated to the language preferred by the emergency communications center prior to entry into CAD.

Smart Geography

Spark leverages familiar search tools making it easy for users to find and select location (address, cross street, common location). Once a location is entered, Spark ensures it is within the communications center's jurisdiction to prevent misroutes.

Attachments Support (Optional)

Customers can elect to allow certain types of attachments, which are scanned for viruses and malicious intent prior to entry in the CAD.

Intelligent Assistant

Business rules trigger actions to the reporting party, such as displaying suggestions, links, phone numbers, or other alternative pathways for addressing their request.

Communication with
the Reporting Party

Communicate directly with your reporting party via SMS to request additional information or provide updates on the status of a call.

Transparent Pricing

Special pricing is available when paired with our Managed AI Call Answering

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