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Coding Station

Leaving our mark on the world by making yours safer.

After protecting the nation's most important
digital assets 
we are excited to partner with you.
Our team of experts is made up of veterans and public servants with specialized experience in military cyber operations and engineering technology to support critical infrastructure. Simply stated, we've been a part of some of the most unique technology projects on the planet. 
Backing Fire was founded with the goal of advancing and securing communities, businesses, and organizations of every size. No job is too small to be deserving of our time and expertise. It is an honor to be a part of an organization's cyber strategy. 

Our goals, purpose, and mission revolve around solving problems, creating comfort, and removing fuel from the fire. 

We have

Having manned the dispatch chair, worn firefighter boots, and operated within 911 centers, we have acquired firsthand expertise in our field. Our confidence in leveraging this experience to enhance public safety through the development of innovative technologies is unwavering.

The right people with the right stuff.

We take pride in our skills, experiences, and accolades.

CISM Badge

We are ex-military and National Security Agency analysts and operators. Our staff are credential holders of the most prestigious information security certifications.


What is a 'backing fire'?

In wildland firefighting, a "Backing Fire" is one which burns against the wind or upslope, defying typical fire behavior. Just as firefighters may intentionally set a backing fire to remove fuel from an advancing wildfire, we weaponize unorthodox sources and methods to protect what matters most to you.

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