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Backing Fire and Million Consulting Services

Backing Fire and Million Consulting Services
Announce Strategic Partnership
 to Revolutionize
Emergency Communications

February 13, 2024In a significant move to enhance emergency communication systems across the nation, Backing Fire, a leading provider of technology and cyber security solutions for emergency services, today announced a partnership with Million Consulting Services. This collaboration aims to offer custom-tailored instances of AWS Connect, a cutting-edge virtual call center powered by artificial intelligence, which is focused on addressing administrative call volume and tailored to the unique requirements of individual Emergency Communications Centers (ECC).


Backing Fire has a distinguished history of delivering robust technology solutions to the 9-1-1 industry, having already implemented numerous AWS Connect instances in ECCs. These centers are reporting a remarkable 25 to 35% decrease in administrative call volume year over year, despite the growing number of 9-1-1 calls annually. This reduction allows telecommunicators to concentrate more effectively on emergency requests for assistance, thereby enhancing the overall speed and quality of emergency response.


The CEO of Backing Fire emphasized the transformative impact of AWS Connect on ECCs, "Our partnership with Million Consulting Services marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of emergency communications. The deployment of AWS Connect in ECCs we've worked with is showing phenomenal results, reducing administrative call volumes by up to 35%. This isn’t just about technology; it's about enabling our first responders to focus where it matters most—on saving lives. With the number of emergency calls rising each year, Connect is proving to be an indispensable tool in our arsenal."


Million Consulting Services, known for its deep operational expertise in emergency communications, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this partnership. Together, the two companies aim to address one of the critical challenges facing 9-1-1 centers today: the integration of advanced cloud-based technologies to improve operational efficiency and response times.


Monica Million, Founder of Million Consulting Services, shared her enthusiasm for the project, "Collaborating with Backing Fire to bring AWS Connect to 9-1-1 centers is an exciting opportunity. For too long, the potential of cloud technologies to transform emergency communications has been largely untapped by ECCs, due to a lack of technological resources and expertise. Our partnership is set to change that narrative. We're not just deploying a solution; we're revolutionizing how emergency communications operate, making cloud technology accessible and beneficial for 9-1-1 centers across the country."


The partnership between Backing Fire and Million Consulting Services represents a significant step forward in the use of technology to support emergency services. By combining Backing Fire's technological prowess with Million Consulting Services' operational insight, this collaboration is poised to deliver a game-changing solution for ECCs, ensuring that telecommunicators have the best tools at their disposal to respond to emergencies efficiently and effectively.


About Backing Fire

Backing Fire is a leading provider of technology and cybersecurity solutions for the emergency services sector. Specializing in emergency communications, the company offers innovative solutions that empower emergency services and public sector organizations to respond more effectively to crises.


About Million Consulting Services

Million Consulting Services is a consultancy specializing in the operational aspects of emergency communications. With a focus on integrating advanced technologies into 9-1-1 centers, Million Consulting Services aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response systems nationwide.


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