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Pricing is provided upfront, without smoke and mirrors, to assist decision makers with strategy making, planning, and budgeting. While there are certainly aspects of cyber intelligence which should not be easily accessible, the cost of protection should not be one of them.

Backing Fire provides continuous, automated vulnerability scanning providing the intelligence needed to stay ahead of the continually evolving cyber threat.

External Scanning & Reporting: $500/mo

Internal Scanning & Reporting: $750/mo 

Internal + External Scanning (Bundled): $1000/mo

Simulated phishing email campaigns are available as a component of a Risk Vulnerability Assessment, or as a separate service. Pricing is based on the number of recipients.


1-24 Recipients: $50/mo

25-99 Recipients: $100/mo

100 + Recipients: $250/mo


1-24 Recipients: $250/yr

25-99 Recipients: $500/yr

100 + Recipients: $1250/yr

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Services are provided for one year terms and are priced based on the size of the organization.

Small (1-24 Employees): $15,000 annually 

Medium (25-249 Employees): $25,000 annually

Large (250-999 Employees): $50,000 annually

Enterprise (1000+ Employees): Pricing set following consultation

Consulting is offered at either flat rate or hourly billing depending on services rendered.

Examples of flat rate services include:

  • Development of security policies and standard operating procedures

  • Deployment of certain hardware devices, or configuration of software applications

  • Cloud deployment services

All other consulting is conducted at a rate of $125 per hour.

Cyber incident response is complicated and dynamic. Despite this, we've been able to establish fair pricing for assistance provided at the most inopportune time.

Cyber Incident Consultation: $0

Base Response Fee: $500

Hourly Response Rate: $200 per hour

After Hours Rate: $300 per hour

* Ticketing, lodging, and per diem for any necessary travel is the responsibility of the customer and will be billed at the actual rate.

Backing Fire provides Virtual Security Operations Center services priced based on the number of nodes on the network:

Small (1-99 Nodes): $1,500 monthly 

Medium (100-499 Nodes): $4,000 monthly

Large (500-1499 Nodes): $7,500 monthly

Enterprise (1500+ Nodes): Pricing set following consultation

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